about us

Noon is a Spanish fashion company, aimed at generation Z and millennials that offers a product following the latest trends but without forgetting the tastes of our clients, looking for the best quality and that they can be themselves, that they feel identified with each one of our garments.

Our mission is to listen to the younger audience and give them what they need to express themselves. We don't want to be just a fashion brand, we want to go further, we seek to add and be part of the lives of our #noongirls so that they can feel themselves.


#noonspain is made up of people who share the same values ​​and philosophy as the brand, based on teamwork, unity is strength!, humility and commitment.

Looking for everything to flow through effort, work and perseverance. Young profiles, who are constantly looking for growth day by day, who understand what our clients are looking for and combine all their efforts to offer the best.


It's finally here! From Noon we launched One, a little piece of us designed for you. A very thoughtful and worked idea that we are very excited to present to you.

From the beginning we always took into account the most special occasions, so that you could find your most ideal garments for those moments, but now it is a reality.

At Noon we created a new concept, where quality prevails over quantity, creating unique garments that make you feel special.


We do not settle! We feel the need to increase our commitment to the planet and to you. We are working hard to reach our most ambitious goal, seeking to reduce the impact of our products and to be able to offer you the same concept as Noon but committed to society and the world.


Since we started this adventure we have promoted #noongirls , girls who inspire other girls, who feel identified with the brand and who are crazy about our clothes. Girls who transmit in their day to day, both inside and outside the world of fashion.

The #noongirls are girls who want to be sure of themselves, who seek to achieve everything they set their minds to, who lean on Noon and inspire those around them, creating a community between us and a concept of life.

Do you want to be a #noongirl ?